Poly Propylene Camlocks Fittings

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Camlock coupling provides a simple and reliable method for connecting and disconnecting hoses without the use of extra tools. Not only are they amazingly easy to use, they are also extremely versatile.

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You will find  Camlock couplings in use in every industry, such as manufacturing, agriculture, oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and military applications. They are an extremely versatile product, and because there are no threads when connecting the coupling halves together, there are no issues with them becoming damaged preventing a good seal. This means camlock couplings are very suitable for dirty environments. The system is especially well suited to a situation where frequent changes of hoses are required, for example trucks used for liquid transport such as for petroleum, chemical and industrial transport. Camlock connections are widely used for quick and convienient connection to portable and vehicle based pumps.


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Manufactured in a tough Die Cast Aluminium it offers ruggedness at an affordable price point.
The seal or gasket in standard in Buna-N.