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Replacing an existing pump?

Even though pumps are different from one manufacturer to another, there is often an excellent match. When pumps are built to an ISO or DIN standard, replacements can be bolted in easily. If not, there may be a close match. We can help.

On other occasions you might need to increase performance due to a changed demand. We can help.

Recent advances in control and motor efficiency could mean real savings. Or, it could simply be that the quality of what you purchased previously was poor and it did not last. TT Pumps can help because we work with quality brands and can match the right pump to your needs.

Water Pump needing replacement
Man repairing a pump

Resolving a problem?

Pictures really help. Use your phones camera and take a few shots. A photo of the pump showing its location and the way it’s connected, tells us the type of pump how much access you have as well as gives us the chance at identifying the brand.

Electric pumps might have a label or two. Likely one on the motor and one on the pump. This will tell us the brand, model, flow, pressure, voltage and power of the pump and sometimes extra information like a special impeller or the speed it runs at.

When we receive your photos and your clear description of the issue, we offer solutions that can get you sorted. Contact us, we are here to help.

Man repairing a pump

Need help in selecting a pump?

We can help!  

Please tell us briefly what you are wanting to do.
For example, I am wanting to pump water from my rain water tank to the garden or into the house to flush toilets.
Or it might be that you want to pump from a bore hole, dam or river, to tanks or even an irrigation system.
Have a digital camera or smart phone with a camera?
Great! Photos really help. Take shots and email them through.

water pump sitting in water
Now consider how much water do you need

Lets work in litres per minute. (l/m)
A toilet will use 6-9 l/m
A shower, household tap or washing machine will use 10-15 l/m
A water saving shower head 6-7 l/m
A dishwasher or a lawn sprinkler is around 15 l/m
A garden hose 20 l/m.
Now consider how many of each are running at the same time in a worst case scenario. Now you have the litres per minute you require.

Tell us about the pump location

Is it a Bore pump? If so we need to know the size of the bore and how far down the bore hole the pump is to sit. We will also need to know what the water level is likely to be after draw down.

Is the pump having to lift water from the source?  It could be the pump is on the bank of a river or dam and has to lift water.  We will need to know the difference in height between the river/dam water level and the pump on the bank,  in the middle of summer when the water is at its lowest point. A worst case scenario makes sure you have water when you need it the most.  We will also need to know the size, type and length of the suction pipe or hose.

Some times the pump has a flooded suction. A submersible pump is obviously flooded but an above ground tank feeding a pump on the ground is also a flooded suction.  If this describes your intended situation, then please let us know.

After the pump or pump discharge
Where is the pump delivering the water? We will need to know if there is any elevation change after the pump, is it pumping up or down hill? Is it flat? What is the height difference in meters?

Once again we need to know the size, type and length of the pipe if it’s already existing. If the pipe is not existing then let us know the length desired and any preference in pipe type and we can size it correctly once we know what is at the end of the pipe.

What do you need the water for?

Water transfer – Like filling a dam or a tank.

Fire control – Running one or more hoses with a fire spray nozzle. We obviously will need pressure at the end of this for the nozzle to work correctly.

Household pressure system – If greater than a single storey, how many floors is the home or building?

Irrigation – In this case we need information about the pressure that each sprinkler is being designed to run at, how much flow each sprinkler will deliver and how many will run at a single time. If its an existing irrigation system then we might need further information about the irrigation system.

We exist to assist!

Please consider TT Pumps as your friend in the pump industry.

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