Trencher – 2″ Submersible De-watering Pumps

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The Trencher Range of submersible 2″ drainage pumps are ideal for Contractors and Tradies in construction.  Emptying trenches because of overnight rains is problematic but this is the Trenchers forte`.

The oversized base helps stabilise the pump and the built in agitator keeps the muddy particulate in suspension to be pumped away.

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Product Description

Trencher – 2″ De-watering Pump with Built in Agitator

A range of submersible 2″ drainage pumps that are compact, light and powerful.   These pumps are perfect for tradesmen in construction.  The agitator is a device that stirs up solids into liquid suspension for an increased load of mud, silt or sand.  Combined with a Vortex impeller that creates a whirlpool or vortice that allows all the particulate to discharge without fouling the impeller.  The impeller is further enhanced by coating it in a Urethane resin that makes it resilient to any abrasion from the suspended solids.  It has an larger base diameter to provide support and stability in muddy trenches.  Maximum solids handling is up to 7 mm in size.

Hire companies and Tradesmen will greatly appreciate the ruggedness of this series of submersible Trencher pumps.

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Cast iron casing
High abrasive resistant Urethane Vortex impeller
Double mechanical seal
Agitator for improved solids handling
Non-air locking
Auto thermal protector
0.4 kW to 1.5 kW output
Power Supply: Single phase 230V, 50Hz; Three phase 400V, 50Hz
Options include manual models,
"F" models have paddle float switches
"Z" models have a vertical float switch
10 m power cords
50 mm 2" BSP threaded discharge


Civil construction
Hire fleets
Quarries and Mining
Cellars and basements
Nuisance water