PuddlePal – Submersible Puddle Pump

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Puddle pumps are a special category of submersible pumps, specifically  designed to remove water to the lowest levels.  Perfect for flood and excess water removal in situations like basements, lift wells, car stackers etc

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Product Description

The PuddlePal is a submersible pump designed to remove shallow water down to just 1 mm in depth.  Other common names are puddle pump, puddle sucker or residue pump.  Almost always manually controlled.   We do offer automatic control by utilizing allied control products used in conjunction.

A key feature; is that it does not need to be fully underwater in order for it to work and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.  The use of a Urethane coating on the impeller reduces wear due to abrasion by waterborne solids like sand grit and silt.

Greatly favoured by Hire Companies and Emergency Services for its ability to pump liquids down to 1mm whilst having the capacity to pump good volumes in flood conditions.  This makes the PudddlePal the ideal companion when dealing with flood water.  As the water level gets to its lowest levels the last remaining water can be swept to the pump for final removal.

Additional Information

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Compact, lightweight design
Stainless Steel outer casing
Urethane impeller
Auto-reset thermal protector
Double mechanical seal
6mm solids handling
50mm 2" discharge
10 m power cable


Flood Recovery
Emergency Response
Hire Companies
Cellars and Basements Water Control
Nuisance water
Civil construction
Lift Shafts