PumpPal and LevelPal Sensor

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The PumpPal controllers provide sophisticated control of a single phase pump in an amazingly small package.

Product Description

PumpPal and PumpPal Pro can control a single phase pump directly. (FLC max of 8 amps )  Configurable as either 110 or a 240 volt system.  Mains healthy indication.  Can be setup to provide dry run indication, protection or water detection.

Depending on the configuration of a float switch or probe, you can control the pump to empty or fill as required.  Inbuilt alarm with mute facility.  The audible Alarm can be continuous, or intermittent.

Sensors compatible with the PumpPal controllers can be a standard float switch,  sensor probe or perhaps the most versatile, the LevelPal sensor block, that provides two options for low level setting.  The PumpPal Pro model offers a 2nd “level sensor” input.  An example might be a high level alarm.  PumpPal Pro also provides a volt free contact.  An example might be, interfacing with a Building Management System. (BMS) or similar.




Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Proudly manufactured in the UK
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design delivers the small footprint
Run on timer for use with puddle pumps
Adjustable sensitivity on conductivity circuit
Compact weatherproof enclosure, IP66 rated.
Full Load Current 8 amps
Audible alarm c/w mute configurable for continuous or intermittent use
LED indication for mains healthy and pump running/ relay active
Dual voltage input 230V / 110V 1Ph
Volt free contacts available for remote monitoring
A 2nd sensor on PumpPal Pro
"Test" button facility

Levelpal supplied with 10m cable as standard.
Longer lengths available upon request


Single phase pump control
Dry run sensor
Flood monitor
Flow sensor
Remote indication
Remote signalling
Puddle pump operation
Server room water detection

PumpPal with LevelPal

PumpPal Pro with LevelPal