Libra Micro Control Panel

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Libra Micro is a super compact control panel due to the PCB design that accomplishes everything that you might expect from the much larger hard wired control panel.

Product Description

The Libra Micro Controller is an ideal controller choice as a compact sump de-watering station, like in a lift well, car stacker sump, residential basement or stormwater drainage application.  The Libra Micro provides simple, effective pump control, in both single or dual pump versions,  Designed for single phase 240v 50Hz pump motors up to 9.3A full load current (FLC).
Provides  a host of user-friendly features, such as power indication, blown fuse detection, next pump in sequence indication (on dual version), audible alarm and volt free contacts for remote indication, or Building Management System (BMS) integration.

Compatible with various liquid level detection options such as FLO range of float switches, LevelPal level sensors, and conductivity probes.





Additional Information

Weight N/A
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Proudly manufactured in the UK
Detects incorrect phase rotation.
Overload protection.
Current monitoring on the front display.
Motor operational hours on the front display.
Manual or Automatic control via selector buttons.
Manual or Remote reset possible.
Various operational LED’s for running, tripped, high level and power on.
Alternating duty, the PCB switches between which motor should start, based on the hours run duration.
Sensor types available for automatic motor control are below:
Conductivity probes.
T-T LevelPal.
Hybrid mode, where conductivity probes can be used alongside a float.
Pressure transducer.
Various timer modes are available:
Off Delay – After the motor is called to stop, it continues to run for a set period.
On Delay – A motor does not start after being called to run for a set period.
Cyclic On/Off and Off/On – Alternative motor on and off between the set time.


Pumping systems
Flood defense
Basement drainage
Remote indication
Remote signalling
Car stacker drainage control
Conveyor systems
Motor Control

Libra Micro Controller